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Open letter to President Barack Obama

 Open letter to President Barack Obama in support of the Ukraine Freedom Support Act,

 On December 11, 2014, the Ukraine Freedom Support Act was passed by both houses of Congress in a swift and decisive manner.  The expedited passage of this bill in a bipartisan way gives clear evidence that the elected representatives of the people of the United States fully recognize that Russia’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine is a direct threat to peace and security in the world and also to the United States itself.

 Since the cataclysmic events of World War II, the world's
nations have attempted to establish basic principles of
international law and behavior to be adhered to by the
governments of all nations so as to prevent future
conflagrations on a global scale.  The UN Charter, the
Helsinki Final Act [the charter document of the Organization
for Security and Cooperation in Europe] and the various
organic documents of the European Union, have had as their
linchpin the principle of territorial integrity and security
and the inviolability of borders of independent states.  This
month 20 years ago, Ukraine - at the behest of the United
States of America, Great Britain, and Russia -- voluntarily
surrendered the world’s 3rd largest nuclear arsenal.  All it
asked for in return was that the signatory parties obligate
themselves to respect Ukraine’s territorial, political, and
economic integrity.

 It is self-evident that Vladimir Putin has dug in his heels
and has made the economic calculation that he can withstand
the financial price of a scolding by the West  -- and all
international agreements, promises, and pledges Russia had
signed in the past don't matter.  He has maliciously put the
entire world order and international rule of law into extreme
jeopardy.  If he is not restrained by decisive actions by the
West, then our children and grandchildren will be condemned to
a probable conflagration on the European continent that will
be as great or even greater than the horrors of World War II
[recall Putin's recent verbal flexing of his nuclear muscle]
.....and from which America will have no escape.

 Mr. President, the Ukraine Freedom Support Act is on your desk
awaiting your signature.  The Ukrainian American Bar
Association (UABA) strongly urges that you sign this
legislation as soon as possible.  As the leader of the free
world, you must take strong and decisive action and reaffirm
America’s world leadership position now!  You should not wait
for Europe to act.  Once signed into law, the Ukraine Freedom
Support Act will be a clear message to Vladimir Putin and to
the entire world that America is committed to the
international rule of law and that it stands by its
international obligations.  But most importantly, it will show
that America’s commitment to world peace is bipartisan;
supported by both the executive and legislative branches of
our government, and represents the moral ideals of the people
of our great country.

 For further information, please contact
Myroslaw Smorodsky, Esq.
Communications Director of the Ukrainian American Bar
Association (UABA)
Tel: 201-507-4500; Email; myroslaw@smorodsky.com; Website;

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