неділя, 26 квітня 2015 р.

American Blind Patriotism in Boxing

Competitive sport is a wonderful phenomenon evoking myriad individual and collective emotions, often positive affection and sometimes negative hostility. For the participant it is an opportunity not only to achieve self fulfillment, but often to make money in the process.  For the spectator, it is a release, an opportunity to feel good about being a fan and belonging to a group local or national.

субота, 18 квітня 2015 р.


     The Ukrainian American Bar Association (UABA) is a national bar association created in 1977 whose members are U.S. judges, attorneys and law students of Ukrainia descent and those American attorneys who share the UABA’s goals and dedication to the rule of law.  Our Association has a very deep interest in upholding the ability of our colleagues in other countries to represent clients without being intimidated, harassed or penalized by their
government for exercising their profession obligations on behalf of their clients.

пʼятниця, 17 квітня 2015 р.

Statement on Recognizing the European Perspective for the Eastern Partnership States

We, the member organizations of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Georgian National Platform are looking forward to the upcoming Riga Summit with special interest.

The Summit, which will take place in the wake of Russian aggression, armed activities, occupation and annexation of territories in response to the European choice declared by the Ukrainian people, should answer the question how the unified Europe sees the future of the rest of the Europe.