понеділок, 30 березня 2015 р.

Politics in Sports

Recently,  one year after Crimea was annexed by the Russian Federation,  a celebratory President Putin admitted that Crimea was of interest to him prior to the so called referendum which had been the ostensible basis for annexation. Putin boasted that the subject of Crimea's return to Russia came up when he acted in February 2014 to save the life of Ukraine's ousted president Yanukovich who was on the run, abandoned and about to be captured by the Ukrainians.  It was then, according to Putin, that he gave the order to reunite Crimea with the motherland and personally acted as commander-in-chief. The concept of reunification itself is specious as Russian connection with Crimea is historically tenuous and replete with crimes.

неділя, 1 березня 2015 р.

Because he can

The obvious prime suspect in the recent execution style slaying of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, has announced to the world that he personally is spearheading the investigation. Vladimir Putin has declared this a political killing, suggesting a CIA plot, Ukrainian complicity to cause division within Russia, an Islamic jihad as retribution for Nemtsov's support for Charlie Hebdo and other nefarious concocted motives. Additionally, the investigation has introduced a personally  motivated scenario involving a young Ukrainian model as Nemtsov's concubine and a pregnancy about to be aborted.