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Zbigniew Bujak: So far, Putin is winning the propaganda war

A time may come when diplomacy will start to work, but today its efforts in helping resolve the Donbass conflict are futile.

Tuesday was the closing day of the seventh “Ukraine - Europe” forum that took place in Łódź (Poland). This conference with participants from all around the world is dealing with the situation in Ukraine, more precisely with war, economics, urgent necessity of reforms and the complicated geopolitical situation. Among the presenters was Zbigniew Bujak, a famous Polish opposition activist at the time of the Polish People’s Republic and one of the founders of the union “Solidarność” (Solidarity), according to Dziennik Łódzki.

“It is a conflict of civilisations, as it is concluded by our Ukrainian colleagues. It is a confrontation of the Cossack culture of freedom and of Putin’s culture. The Ukrainians are consciously speaking of Putin and not of Russia or Russians, since they make a distinction between the government and the liberal part of the society that is supporting Ukraine,” said Bujak. “For Putin, the territories that are the goal of fighting are crucial, since they are a base ground for the occupation of the rest of Ukraine. Also, something we in Poland are not conscious of, these territories have a long history as well as a developed and unique culture; they also house some of the most modern Ukrainian manufacturing facilities belonging to the armament, natural gas and oil industries. Putin is unable to modernise his army without the resources of Eastern Ukraine,” added Bujak.

The politician also underlined that Warsaw has special duties towards Kyiv. According to him, Poland must support Ukraine and explain to the rest of Europe why this country is so important. Bujak also took a clear position in respect to the military support for Ukraine:

“Putin has already sent soldiers to Ukraine, this has already happened. For this reason, the statements such as ‘the military aid should not be sent to Ukraine because it would exacerbate the conflict’ are intellectual lies. A time may come when diplomacy will start to work, but today it is not helping at all and Putin is winning a propaganda war,” stated Bujak.

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