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Putin is wearing “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

 About 175 years ago, Hans Christian Anderson wrote a children’s fairytale, - The Emperor’s New Clothes - about a narcissistic monarch who was deceived by his tailors into believing that his non-existent new garb which they pretended to weave was real but would be invisible only to those who were hopelessly stupid or incompetent.  The gullible emperor paraded in his imaginary non-attire before his subjects. Fearing that saying the truth to the vain sovereign would jeopardize their position in his imperial court, none of his ministers or citizens of his kingdom dared to state the self-evident – that the emperor had no clothes.  

четвер, 19 лютого 2015 р.

United Nations delivers 62 metric tons of humanitarian aid to Donetsk

GENEVA/KYIV, 19 February 2015 – The United Nations delivered 62 metric tons of humanitarian aid to Donetsk today. This includes essential hygiene items, warm clothes, blankets, condensed milk powder, drinking water, and medical supplies procured by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Zbigniew Bujak : pour l’instant, c’est Putin qui gagne la guerre de propagande

Un jour, la diplomatie deviendra efficace, mais pour l’instant elle n’est d’aucune aide dans les efforts servant à résoudre le conflit à Donbass.

Mardi, le septième forum « Europe – Ukraine » s’est achevé à Łódź (Pologne). Cette conférence à laquelle participent des représentants du monde entier est dédiée à la situation en Ukraine, c’est-à-dire à la guerre, à l’économie, aux réformes nécessaires et à la situation géopolitique compliquée. Parmi les conférenciers se trouvait Zbigniew Bujak, un oppositionnaire polonais connu des temps de la République populaire de Pologne, ainsi que l’un des fondateurs de l’union “Solidarność” (Solidarité), selon Dziennik Łódzki.

Zbigniew Bujak: So far, Putin is winning the propaganda war

A time may come when diplomacy will start to work, but today its efforts in helping resolve the Donbass conflict are futile.

Tuesday was the closing day of the seventh “Ukraine - Europe” forum that took place in Łódź (Poland). This conference with participants from all around the world is dealing with the situation in Ukraine, more precisely with war, economics, urgent necessity of reforms and the complicated geopolitical situation. Among the presenters was Zbigniew Bujak, a famous Polish opposition activist at the time of the Polish People’s Republic and one of the founders of the union “Solidarność” (Solidarity), according to Dziennik Łódzki.

неділя, 15 лютого 2015 р.

Minsk 2


Hope springs eternal. In Ukrainian circles that cliché is no longer relevant when referring to Ukraine-Russia relations. Many in the West are still naive or, perhaps,  idealistic enough to lend credence to promises made by Russian leaders or their henchman. However, the list of the believers is diminishing.

середа, 11 лютого 2015 р.

To Stop Putin You Must Stop Him

The political spectrum between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders is as wide as their age difference. However, that difference is apparent mostly in social programs. Foreign policy issues are often equalizers because principles in politics, in particular when your own home appears safe,  is anathema. The appearance of one's own safety is often the result of shortsightedness. Long term strategic interests are subjects left for academic discourse. In politics, principles are compromised for the sake of political expediency, electability and the like.