вівторок, 23 грудня 2014 р.

Ukrainian World Congress Christmas Greeting

The Ukrainian World Congress extends sincerest greetings to the Hierarchs and clergy of Ukrainian Churches, the President, Prime Minister and Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers, and to all Ukrainians in Ukraine and the diaspora on the occasion of one of the most important Christian Holy Days – Christmas!

Faith in God has united the Ukrainian nation for centuries, served as a reminder to live life according to God’s
commandments and the principles of Christian morals, and throughout our history has inspired us with confidence in the victory of goodness and justice.

On this day we traditionally gather with our families to praise
God together, give thanks for His gifts, and ask that He bestow
kindness upon us all.

Today, the thoughts of the global Ukrainian community are with
Ukraine, whose people are defending Ukraine’s independence,
sovereignty and territorial integrity, and standing on the
front lines in defence of our universal values.

Therefore, during these difficult times for Ukraine, let us
remember all those who, in the fight for a greater ideal,
sacrificed their lives for freedom. Let us open our hearts to
the needs of our brothers and sisters and pray to Almighty God
that our spiritual homeland liberates its lands from foreign
aggression and flourishes as a Ukrainian, democratic, European

We wish you peace, mutual understanding and good health for
many years!

Christ is born!                  Let us praise Him!


Eugene Czolij

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