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Ukraine freedom support act

Contact the White House by Friday and request that President Obama sign into law HR5859 during the constitutionally-mandated 10-day time period.

 As you know, both chambers of Congress have in a bipartisan fashion overwhelmingly passed HR5859, the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014. The bill is now on President Obama's desk awaiting his signature. The president is constitutionally required to act on a bill in one of four ways: sign it into law within a 10-day period; issue a veto; let the bill become law without his signature (when Congress is in session); or, issue a "pocket" veto.  The last option is of most concern because it occurs when Congress is adjourned, thus eliminating
Congress' opportunity to override the presidential veto.

 There are news reports that President Obama will reluctantly sign the bill on Friday.  However, "It ain't over til' its over!"  [Yogi Berra, July, 1973]

 Our efforts regarding the Ukraine Freedom Support Act are not yet complete.  It is incumbent upon all of us to continually contact the White House and request that President Obama sign into law HR5859 during the constitutionally-mandated 10-day time period.  We do not need any last minute surprises!  Below
please find information about how to contact the White House:

 White House Comment Line:  202 456-1111
White House Switchboard:  202 456-1414
White House website:

 On either the comment line/switchboard or the web-page, please leave the following message:

 "Please sign into law the 'Ukraine Freedom Support Act' - HR5859.  Send assistance to Ukraine to deter continued Russian aggression."

 Please spread the following Twitter campaign.  It can be found on the Ukrainian National Information Service (UNIS) Twitter feed - @UNISdirect:

 President Obama @WhiteHouse, sign HR5859 - #Ukraine Freedom Support Act #ObamaSignHR5859

 Please forward this e-mail to your distribution lists, friends and family.  WITH ONE LAST PUSH, UKRAINE WILL SOON BE PROVIDED THE ASSISTANCE IT NEEDSAND DESERVES!!

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