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Yaroslav Swatko: Why the World Needs Peace in Ukraine

Here is the part of correspondence of Maidan Monitoring Information Centre Member Yaroslav Swatko with the Danish freelancer Ota Tiefenböck. The position NGO is outlined by Yarolaw there in full.
Thanks a lot Yaroslav, what you are writing is interesting, and very good for my article. Anyway I have a lot of sources in Kyiv, directly on Maidan, so no reason to disturb your friend.
But your analytic view at the situation, would be nice. :)
Best greetings
My analytic view is simple
When Yanukovich became President, he appointed as chiefs of the police, army and security the people who were Putin’s stooges.
So, now Russia can control the course of events without Yanukovych. In Russia, a significant part of politicians consider it necessary to annex some areas of Ukraine together with their population, because they worry that the percentage of Russians in their country is decreasing.
To do this, they want to have a reason to send peacekeeping troops to Ukraine. This is the scenario of Transnistria, Abkhazia, Ossetia. Only this can explain why Yanukovych says one thing and Golden Eagle (Berkut, special troops) does another.
But we are different from the Abkhazians and others mentioned above: the war will take place in a country where there are nuclear power plants. Therefore, it is not only our big concern, but also a big concern for the whole world.
Am I clear?
Now You know why You need peace in Ukraine,
Perfectly clear Yaroslav. Thanks a lot and take care.

Yaroslaw Swatko is member of Maidan since 2004.

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