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MMIC to the World: Why You Need Peace in Ukraine?

This FAQ has been compiled from the QAs of several interviews to foreign media we had in last two months. Please read them, it is important! Thanks! These are the issues that are in the focus of public attention now. Any questions are welcome in comments.
Who is fighting on the streets in Kyiv? Radicals? Nationalists?
No, this the war of middle class and civil society, freelancers. journalists, NGOs, IT workers, artists, students and old people, who have nothing to lose. Kyiv Euromaidan is a sort of internal domestic exile from a totally fraudulent political and economic system.

Lesya Orobetz. The rubicon is crossed.

The rubicon is crossed. 

There are three victims of the regime. One young man was severely beaten on January, 20th (morning) by Berkut at Dynamo stadium pillars, and after that was thrown down to the ground (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-YTwqUdNq0&noredirect=1 1'10-1'45). He died in hospital on January, 21st (evening).
The second young man was shoot on January, 22nd (morning) at Hrushevskogo street by 3 shots (head, neck and heart). Eyewitnesses reported that he was not throwing anything to policemen but only stood and shouted peaceful slogans. He was from Dnipropetrovsk region (Eastern Ukraine).
And the third young man was killed by the shot to the chest on January, 22nd (morning).

EU High Representative Catherine Ashton on violence and reported deaths of protesters in Kyiv

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and
Vice President of the Commission, issued the following statement today:

"I strongly condemn the violent escalation of events in Kyiv overnight leading to casualties.
The reported deaths of several protesters is a source of extreme worry and my sympathy
goes to all those affected.

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Yaroslav Swatko: Why the World Needs Peace in Ukraine

Here is the part of correspondence of Maidan Monitoring Information Centre Member Yaroslav Swatko with the Danish freelancer Ota Tiefenböck. The position NGO is outlined by Yarolaw there in full.
Thanks a lot Yaroslav, what you are writing is interesting, and very good for my article. Anyway I have a lot of sources in Kyiv, directly on Maidan, so no reason to disturb your friend.
But your analytic view at the situation, would be nice. :)

Appeal of #Euromaidans of the World to the International Community

Honourable International Community:
Since 22 Nov. 2013, for almost two months, the people of Ukraine have been standing up for their right to live in a free and democratic country. Days and nights they stay outside in bitter cold and freezing temperatures in order to bring to complete the democratic changes that were started by the Orange Revolution of 2004.

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Statement by MMIC on Unconstitutional Laws “Adopted” by the Ukrainian Parliament

Earlier today, the Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada) witnessed a travesty called “passage of a series of bills”.

Regardless of the content of the bills (which is abominable in itself and deserves a separate statement), we would like to emphasize that the procedure of discussing and passing the bills was completely out of compliance not only with the Ukrainian law, but also with general parliamentary procedures that are common for the civilized world.